Amazon Prime Day, Eat Clean Edition

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Prime Day is kind of like a national holiday around these parts. I scoured through to see what kind of clean products they have included in the deals so here are some pure ingredient decked products.  Click on their photo to purchase. I just recently started to take Nootropics. They're not totally accepted yet and [...]

Collagen Producing Smoothie

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Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens Smoothie for your Skin I’m currently closer to 40 than 20 (crowd gasps in horror) but my skin is definitely closer to 20 than 40 (crowd, befuddled, whisper wildly with great confusion). My skin looked un-healthier and older in my early twenties. Back in the good ol’ days, I was [...]

The Classic Little Black Swimming Suit

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black swimming suit

Off The Shoulder Boulder Holder More commonly known as Off the Shoulder Swimming Suit Equally as important as your LBD, is your LBS. When I say LBS I'm not talking about what you may very well be increasing with the holiday seasons treats, I'm talking about the Little Black Suit! This Little Black Suit form Trina [...]

Go for Gold… Nike’s

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Rose Gold Nike's It was a brisk Saturday afternoon like many others I have known, as I found myself walking through Nordstrom’s to get to Lululemon…As you know from this post.. I have an obsession. I was on a hunt for treasure; the kind of treasure that only a $42.69 Lululemon Gift Card from a return could [...]

Sand, salt and shoulders

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Delicious By Chanelle Top Shop hot pink top

 Top Shop Top I've been living out of hotels for the last few months on the "Love Your Gut" tour, teaching all about poop! Well okay not just poop but bacterial imbalance, digestive issues and other gastrointestinal health concerns that are impacting Americans at staggering numbers. Poop is just REALLY fun to say. ;-) Just like [...]

Daily Indulge Review

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Indulging in the good stuff Taste is commonly the first thing placed on the alter to be sacrificed when dealing with health products. Using artificial sweeteners such as sucralose are common practice for companies but not only have they been shown to wreak havoc on your gut flora but studies are showing that these sweet [...]

Lululemon Tight Fit Review

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Tit for Tat for Tight A Review on Lululemons new Tight Fit Pants The #Fitspo community has become a keenly dressed cult, clad almost entirely in Lululemon attire, reminiscent of the unmatched loyalty that captured the souls and wallets of the other ever popular fruit, APPLE. You can’t help but shudder at consumer’s blatant obedience [...]